character: Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her

Long-time ‘friends’ Helen Sharp (Goldie Hawn), a would-be writer, and Madeline, an actress, have actually hated each other for years.

When Madeline marries Ernest, Helen’s fiance, mousy Helen has a breakdown and takes to comfort eating in a big way.

When she recovers Helen she emerges transformed and sets out to steal back Ernest and kill Madeline: life for the three of them will never be the same again.

The makeup

Makeup design was by Dick Smith; Kevin Haney was the prosthetics makeup supervisor; Tom Woodruff Jr & Alec Gillis designed & created the special body effects; Goldie Hawn’s prosthetics were by Lance Anderson (seen above) assisted by David LeRoy Anderson; Jeff Farley was the prosthetics lab supervisor.

Goldie Hawn wore the most amazing fat-suit and prosthetic makeup to appear at least twice her normal size. Unusually, for such a makeup at the time she appeared in short-sleeves in some scenes, requiring extensive prosthetic makeup to her arms.