updated: 14/12/2004

obese makeups: Cholesterol Teerak

This is a Thai remake of the Malaysian movie Cinta Kolesterol. Lukked (Metinee Kingpayom) grows up fat and is rejected by her betrothed but lessons are learnt and love triumphs – but only after Lukked has lost weight. These films have been so successful in their local markets that an Indonesian version is also planned: this time with a fat hero rather than heroine.

The makeup was by Kaj Steveman of Fido Film AB. Besides working with the production company on Cinta Kolesterol, Kaj and Fido have also created old-age makeups for Hingga Hujung Nyawa and will reported be working with them again on a sequel to Cinta Kolesterol. According to the local press, the total cost of Cholesterol Teerak was some RM4 million (approx $1,000,000) which is very high in that market: the cost of the makeup effects made a significant contribution to the cost.

I am grateful to Kaj for the use of these images.