character: Super Clyde

Super Clyde

Only the pilot was made for this would-be Rupert Gint comedy series giving us a very different brand of superhero.

Three orphaned children are taken in by their eccentric chemist uncle. Years after their uncle’s death, theys learn that they have inherited a sizable trust,

Clyde emerges as a sort of anti-Batman, a slightly maladjusted young man whose first and last instinct is to do nice things for people. Faith (Justine Lupe), his sister, grew up overweight after a childhood spent stress-eating, and the money imbues her with a secret identity that she thinks will let her leave her old self behind, but her vigilantism is a bit more righteous and vengeful than Clyde’s.

The makeup

René Dashiell Kerby was the makeup department head; Matthew W Mungle (W M Creations) & Clinton Wayne (Wayne Studios) were responsible for the prosthetic makeup.