updated: 13/02/2002

obese makeups: Sau san naam neui

Mini Mo (Sammi Cheng) takes to food in a big way after losing her boyfriend and balloons tover 250lb: then he wants to see her again and she needs to lose weight quickly. Sammi Cheng endured a makeup ordeal for this movie wearing different prosthetics and fat-suits to reflect the stages of her weight lost: and some of exercise scenes must have been sheer hell for her.

Scott Wheeler and James Rohland of Steve Johnson’s XFX created the prosthetics for Sammi’s new look: Sammi Andy Lau’s fat looks cost some $1m out of a total movie budget of $3.8m. Besides the facial prosthetics and fat-suit, Sammi also wore slip-on silicon gloves to give her thick forearms and pudgy fingers.

There’s whole new set of images from the DVD coming soon to replace this cobbled together set.