character: Raising Hope ‘It’s a Hopeful Life’

Raising Hope ‘It’s a Hopeful Life’

While watching a movie at the cinema the Chances gradually realise that the family in the film they’re watching is disturbingly like themselves. Cue alternative realities.

More than a few TV shows have done homages to or parodies of It’s a Wonderful Life but this may have been the first to put its lead actress into morbidly obese fat-suit and prosthetics while doing so.

Martha Plimpton described the experience:

It was so heavy and so impossible to get around, they had to give me a motorized cooler to ride to set… It was the only way I could get around. I couldn’t bend my legs, I couldn’t move my arms – you’ll see.

The makeup

René Dashiell Kerby was the makeup department head.

Matthew W Mungle (W M Creations) & Clinton Wayne (Wayne Studios) were responsible for Martha’s transformation. I am grateful to them for permission to use one of their images of the makeup.