obese makeups: various obese characters

Various obese characters

Featuring various actresses who have played genuinely fat – if not morbidly obese – characters.

The makeup

Shameless (2008): In the final episode of the fifth series Frank is in a coma after falling off of his barstool. While he’s out cold in his hospital bed, Frank experiences an alternative world: a life where he is a success, where Ian isn’t gay and Debbie (Rebecca Ryan) looks like she'll never leave home. Hybrid FX were responsible for Debbie’s new look.

Reba (2006): In the episode ‘Let’s Get Physical’ when r Barbra Jean loses weight Reba Hart (Reba McEntire) becomes worried that she’ll soon become the chubby friend – which, of course, gives us a chance to see Reba in a fat-suit. Gary Tunnicliffe sorted out her fat look, at very short notice.

Der Grosse Bagarozy (1999): Waldemar Pokromski helped Corinna Harfouch achieve her elephantine woman look for a fantasy sequence in this movie.