character: The Man with Two Brains

The Man with Two Brains

What a dilemma for Dr Hfuhruhurr: his new wife Dolores Benedict (Kathleen Turner) is beautiful but turns out to be a very unlovely gold-digger while the loveable Anne Uumellmahaye exists only as a bottled brain. Fortunately, he is a brain surgeon, so when Dolores’s body becomes unexpectedly vacant he has an opportunity to exercise his skills. But when Anne’s brain is transplanted into Dolores’s body we discover that she has a very healthy appetite.

The makeup

The makeup artists were Ric Sagliani & Tom Case.

Lance Anderson was responsible for the special effects makeup (as he was for Goldie Hawn’s later enlargement in Death Becomes Her): but I guess the budget here did not compare with that for his work on Goldie.