overweight makeups: Big Fish

Big Fish

Edward Bloom visits the strange town of Spectra twice: the first time when the road is paved with grass he is too early and the second time he is too late and the town is run down and the grass-paved road is now gravel. Both times he meets Mildred (Missi Pyle) and the second time she, like the town, is past her prime and somewhat overweight.

Jean A Black was the makeup department head; Elisa Marsh and Sharyn Cordice were makeup artists. The Stan Winston Studio was responsible for animatronic and makeup effects on the movie: Lindsay MacGowan and J Alan Scott were Effects Supervisors; Shane Mahan and John Rosengrant were key artists.

The makeup

Bruce Grayson was credited for makeup but I dont know if he was responsible for the prosthetics; if anyone can clarify the credits, please email themakeupgallery.