character: Suburgatory

Suburgatory – Jill Werner

A TV series about Tessa,a girl who moves from the city to Chatswin in the suburbs, .

Jill Werner (Gillian Vigman) is one of the suburban women in Chatswin. She is is very controlling of her life, and everyone in it, and describes herself as a successful self-employed writer – despite having only one self-published book to her name.

In the episode ‘Eat, Pray, Eat’ she takes up a new self-actualisation regimen – comfort eating. As one recap put it: ‘she’s barely there in one sense; in another there’s a little more of Jill than usual.

The makeup

Phyllis Williams was the show’s makeup artist.

This makeup involving silicone chest, neck and facial prosthetics was designed by Autonomous F/X and applied by Jason Collins and Scott Wheeler.