updated: 07/07/2004

the grotesques: There’s Something About Mary

A Farrelly Brothers comedy: say no more. There may well be something about Mary (Cameron Diaz) but the sun-worshipping Magda (Lin Shaye) is the grotesque comic creation of the movie. Private Eye Pat Healy (Matt Dillon) gets more than he bargained for when he peers through his binoculars to catch Mary undressing and spies Magda instead

Tony Gardner (seen above with Lin Shaye) was responsible for the special makeup and animatronic effects on the movie. Conor McCullagh was a sculptor for Alterian but they also sent me to set for some makeup applications including Magda’s saggy boobs: Conor also worked on Say It Isn’t So and A Dirty Shame so he seems to developed some specialist expertise in this area.