character: Paraiso Travel

Paraiso Travel

Adapted from Jorge Franco’s novel Paraiso Travel is the story of Marlon Cruz, a young Colombian man who leaves his comfortable life in Medellín to follow his girlfriend Reina in search of the American dream. After travelling through Guatemala and Mexico, they cross illegally into the United States.

Marlon’s journey takes him through seedy strip clubs, dance halls, homeless hostels, and the streets of Jackson Heights. Among those he meets is the ageing , alocholic prostitute Raquel (Margarita Rosa de Francisco)

The makeup

Persefone Karakosta was the key makeup artist; Scott Wheeler was responsible for Margarita Rosa de Fransisco’s character makeup.

Margarita Rosa de Francisco's makeup included silicone prosthetics (nose & eyepieces), contact lens and dentures, as well as some serious work on her hair and complexion.

Margarita Rosa de Francisco said:

The physical transformation took three hours. The makeup artist created a masterpiece, my makeup helped me climb the last step to find her. I was fascinated looking in the mirror and enjoying the harsh image, it touched me and from that point I fell more in love with the role.