character: Danika


Danika (Marisa Tomei) is – apparently – a thirty-five-years-old overprotective mother, on the edge of a breakdown and suffering terrifying nightmares and daydreams.

Gradually, it becomes clear that her marriage has actually broken down and that her children died in an accident when a distressed Danika ran a red light.

As the film ends, a homeless Danika sits on a bench at the scene where the accident occurred, basically reliving the events of that day, presumably every day. She slowly walks away pushing a shopping trolley filled with her children’s belongings.

The makeup

Eleanor Sabaduquia was key makeup artist; Kate Lee was makeup artist (Marisa Tomei); Maryann Marchetti was makeup artist (Marisa Tomei, additional photography); Patrick McGee (McGee FX) was special makeup effects artist.