Disfigured: Goya’s Ghosts

Goya’s Ghosts

Goya uses Inés (Natalie Portman), the daughter of a rich merchant, as a model when painting an angel. Shortly after she is denounced to the Inquisition – for allegedly having refused to eat pork. She is summoned for questioning and is then imprisoned, stripped naked and tortured. Goya asks Brother Lorenzo for help in obtaining her release, but when Lorenzo visits her he rapes her instead.

It is not until fifteen years later, during the Peninsula War, that Inés is released – having lost both her looks and her mind. Her only concern is to the find the baby taken from her in prison after her rape; the child may, or may not, be the prostitute, Alicia (Natalie Portman), but Inés is looking for a baby.

The makeup

Ivana Primorac was hair and makeup designer.

Aaron Sherman & Maralyn Sherman were special makeup effects artists: prosthetics; Peter Owen was the wig designer.