multiplicity: Alex & Emma

Alex & Emma

Alex has two problems: writer’s block; and only 30 days left to pay off his debts to some loan sharks. In desperation he hires stenographer Emma Dinsmore (Kate Hudson) to help him finish his novel. As he struggles with his novel a supposedly minor character (Kate Hudson again) keeps transforming: the Scandanavian Ylva becoming the German Elsa who in turn becomes the Spanish Eldora before finally becoming the American Anna with whom the hero falls in love. Life imitates art – but you guessed that already. Sophie Marceau also has dual roles as both Polina in the novel and as Alex’s ex-girlfriend.

Perhaps somewhat funnier than it sounds despite its predictability and its irritatingly self-conscious playing with textuality.

The makeup

Patty York was the makeup department head; Ronnie Specter was the personal makeup artist for Kate Hudson; Jennifer Bell was the hair department head; Kathryn Blondell was the hair stylist for Kate Hudson.