character: … Colonel Blimp

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

In 1943 young officers see Major General Clive Wynne-Candy as an old, soft, pudgy man with a ridiculous mustache and outdated ideas of what is required to win the war. But they have no idea of how his background has shaped him, nor how he has used his energy and connections to build up the Home Guard. On his part he does not appreciate how war has changed.

His life is seen in flashback. His military experience runs from the Boer War through the Great War up until the 1930s. There were also three significant women in his life: Berlin based English schoolteacher Edith Hunterwho he met during the Boer War but who married his friend Theo; Red Cross nurse Barbara Wynne, who he met during the Great War and who later became his wife despite a twenty-year age gap; and Angela ‘Johnny’ Cannon, his personal driver during WWII.

All three women were played by Deborah Kerr); the similarity between them was intentional and was referred to by characters in the movie.

The makeup

George Blackler and Dorrie Hamilton were the makeup artists.