character: Relativitätstheorie der Liebe

Relativitätstheorie der Liebe

Katja Riemann and Olli Dittrich each play five characters in this German comedy about very different couples living in the same city..

Frieder (Dittrich) is the successful boss of an advertising agency boss while his wife Eva (Katja Riemann) floats life with the help of a Yogi Swami (Dittrich). Meanwhile Frieder has been having an affair for fifteen years with Eva’s twin sister Maria (Katja Riemann).

In another episode driving instructor Paul (Dittrich) is married to the middle-aged, but still sexy Venezuelan Gabriela (Katja Riemann) who he suspects is cheating on him. Their daughter Alexa (Katja Riemann) wants a baby but has no partner until she meets the musician Stevie (Dittrich).

Meanwhile health inspector Peggy (Katja Riemann) falls for Youssef (Dittrich) the owner of a less than sparkling Lebanese restaurant.

The makeup

Jeannette Latzelsberger & Gregor Eckstein were responible for Katja Riemann’s makeup.

Kerstin Stattmann was the key makeup artist for Katja Riemann; Katja Riemann’s prosthetics were by White Rabbit FX (Nicola Pandel & Sarah Wirtz); Georg Korpás was responsible for her prosthetic dentures.