character: What’s Your Raashee?

What’s Your Raashee?

Yogesh has to return to India to marry in a hurry to gain an inheritance and save his indebted brother from mobsters. His Uncle Devu posts an advert and gets 176 replies; Yogesh agrees to meet one girl from each rashee or Zodiac sign.

The girls include: Sanjana Shah, an attractive and successful microbiologist who says she already has a boyfriend; Jhankhna, a fifteen-year-old village girl; Anjali, a dorky small town girl; Vishakha, the beautiful and fun-loving daughter of a rich cotton industrialist; Kajal, a fashionable and romantic college girl; Rajini, a successful business tycoon with very clear pre-nuptial demands; Chandrika, a naive and traditional girl; Pooja, dedicated doctor unwilling to leave India; Nandini, a small town girl who has secret dreams of becoming a model in America; and Bhavna, a plain and superstitious girl.

All the women are played by Priyanka Chopra.

The makeup

Madhav Kadam was the makeup artist; Priyanka Borkar was Priyanka Chopra’s makeup artist.