character: Ugly Betty & her sisters

Ošklivka Katka
Yo soy Bea
Ugly Betty

Character makeups: Ugly Betty & her sisters

This ugly duckling tale typically features a sweet but intelligent overweight fashion disaster with broken glasses and braces. With a lot of help from her friends she becomes a beauty and gets her happy ending. It all began in 1999 with Yo soy Betty, la fea in Colombia and has become one of the most successful worldwide franchises: it’s been remade in the Philippines, Venezuela, India, China, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Mexico (twice apparently), the Netherlands, Spain, and even Iraq.

Besides the basic plot-line of the the not-quite-ugly duckling who eventually gets her man – but only after undergoing a transformation – the various series tend to share a number of characteristics: cameo roles, and cast members playing dual roles.