character: Come tu mi vuoi

Come tu mi vuoi

Ugly duckling Giada (Cristiana Capotondi) is transformed and finds true love – but only after she learns that is personality that really matters.

Geeky Communications student Giada despises material culture until she meets Riccardo, a rich playboy who needs extra tuition. He falls in love with her after her repeated rejections. She is eventually won over and falls in love with the person whose kind she scorned at before.

With the help of his female friends she transforms herself into the kind of girl she thinks he would want. But she also becomes attracted to material things and ceases to be the person he fell in love with. All turns out well in the end.

Cristiana said about the makeup:

Avevo finte bolle sul viso e tubicini per allargare il naso, baffetti finti e così via.

Apparently, while filming one street scene, she became very annoyed when passers by started commenting about how ugly Cristiana Capotondi looked without makeup – the hazards of being an actress.

The makeup

Martina Cossu was the makeup artist.