character: various ugly ducklings

Various ugly ducklings

One of the most common plain girl stereotypes: the loyal friend or heroine who is almost miraculously transformed into a beauty – where there are disturbing side-effects, and rarely a happy ending, she becomes a terrible beauty.

The ducklings

You Again (2010): As a teenager Marni (Kristen Bell) had glasses, mousy hair, braces and acne: no boy would go near her and she was tormented by the mean girls, led by Joana the head cheerleader. Years later her looks and career have blossomed. Then she goes home for her brother's wedding and discovers that he is marrying Joana. Simone Almekias-Siegl was the makeup department head; Sabine Roller was the key makeup artist.

Ti stramo (2008): Bami (Carlotta Tesconi), a pimply nerd, gets a beauty treatment and falls for a member of a gang of bikers. Simone Andrea Marchi was the makeup artist and let me use these images.