updated: 18/10/2007

ugly ducklings: The Hottie and the Nottie

The Hottie and the Nottie is a ‘romantic comedy’ starring Paris Hilton and Christine Lakin as the eponymous characters. The plot centres around Cristabelle, the ‘Hottie’, (Paris Hilton) who refuses to date her childhood friend until he can find the perfect match for her less well-endowed best friend June, the ‘Nottie’, (Christine Lakin) – bad teeth, poor complection, hopeless hair and no style.

I didn’t hold out great hopes for this movie: the premise wasn’t promising; Paris Hilton carrying a movie; Paris Hilton as a selfless character. It more than lived down to my expectations.

More images will follow when I can face getting them from the DVD.

Randy Westgate was the makeup department head; Calvin Scott was the key makeup artist.