character: Tamara Drewe

Tamara Drewe

Tamara Drewe (Gemma Arterton), returns to the Dorset village of Ewedown to sell her late mother’s house. Once she was an the ugly duckling; now, after a nose job, she is a glamorous journalist.

She is engaged but she is soon being pursued by Nicholas, a pretentious author and serial philanderer, and she also awakens feelings in Andy, an odd job man and old flame.

The movie publicity made a lot of fuss about Gemma’s prosthetic nose but it was actually only seen in one scene – and then in the background. The final nose used in the movie was bigger and more hooked than than in the initial makeup tests.

The makeup

Daniel Phillips was the make-up & hair designer; Tapio Salmi was the make-up & hair supervisor; Kristyan Mallett was responsible for the prosthetics.