character: La Belle Bête

La Belle Bête

The movie revolves around three main characters. At the centre is Patrice, a beautiful but mindless youth given to standing gazing at his own image in the water. Around him move his ugly sister Isabelle-Marie (Caroline Dhavernas), caught between love and hate for her brother’s beauty, and his frivolous mother Louise, who sees second Patrice’s beauty as an adornment for herself.

Into this small, obsessed universe come a blind boy and an elegant fop from the outside world. The pattern breaks …

The makeup

Micheline Trépanier was the makeup artist.

CJ Goldman was responsible for the special effects makeup; the crew included Nelson Dacosta, Jonathan Lavallée, Martin Jutras, Bruno Gatien, Catherine Gaulin, George Tucci & Francois Gauthier,