character: plain & ordinary characters

Various plain & ordinary characters

Every so often a movie-maker gets a kick out of taking a beautiful actress and turning them into an ‘ordinary girl’ or a plain or unattractive character (as opposed to a downright ugly woman) who – importantly – does not blossom into a beauty. Or maybe they’re targeting some extra publicity for the movie, or perphaps the actress wants to prove she can be more than a pretty face on screen.

The movies & TV shows

Au bistro du coin (2011): The inhabitants of a Parisian district, including Fanny (Frédérique Bel – a former model best known for playing a succession of beautiful blondes) come together to put on a charity show for the homeless. Pierre Olivier Persin (popsfx) supplied the prosthetic teeth.

Hesher (2010): Featured Natalie Portman as Nicole, a grocery store shop assistant. Luisa Abel was the makeup department head; Francisco X Pérez was the key makeup artist.