updated: 27/09/2006

terrible beauties: Smallville ‘Façade’

Acne-ridden Abigail Fine (Brianna Brown) discovers that beauty comes at a price and mother doesn’t always know best in the episode ‘Façade’ of Smallville. Her mother develops a new Kryptonite-powered cosmetic surgery technique and gives her a makeover to boost her popularity. Abigail, returns from the summer looking beautiful and prefering to be called Abby. But – there’s always a but – when she kisses someone they’re inflicted with life-threatening hallucinations. Then Lana becomes the next target.

Brianna’s makeup looks involves some prosthetics as well as the acne, gappy teeth, glasses and messed-up hair.

I am grateful to Natalie Cosco, makeup department head on the show for clarifying the credits for Briannas makeup. Natalie ‘designed the look and applied the acne makeup with just out-of-kit effects’ (hand made pimples); Bill Terezakis (WCT Productions) ‘designed, built and applied’ her nose and teeth; Shannon Coppin did the beauty makeup look.