character: various boob jobs

Cosmetic surgery: Various boob jobs

In many movies the portrayal of the effect of cosmetic surgery plays a small part – maybe just a single sight gag.

Featuring actresses playing characters who have ‘boob jobs’.

The movies & TV shows

Raising Hope (2011): In the episode ‘It‘s a Hopeful Life’ watching a movie forces the Chances to have a look at their own family life and quite different alternative realities for Virginia and Sabrina (Shannon Woodward). René Dashiell Kerby was the makeup department head; Matthew W Mungle (W M Creations) & Clinton Wayne (Wayne Studios) were responsible for the prosthetics..

Big Stan (2007): Featuring Jennifer Morrison. Rob Hall (Almost Human) gave Jennifer Morrison her breast enhancement. Coming soon …

Breast Men (1997): A ‘troubled’ production about the pioneers of silicone breast implants. Laura Pierson (Emily Procter) was a nurse who married one of the doctors – I assume she got a discount on her new breasts. Laura also aged during the movie. IMDb credits Roy Knyrim, Jerry Macaluso, and Scott Tebeau for special makeup effects but Roy Knyrim told me that SOTA did not design or apply Emily Procter’s makeup seen here though they did design and apply David Schwimmer’s age makeup. After production started Gordon Smith and Ashlee Petersen (key makeup artist) were brought onboard: Gordon Smith in turn brought in Brian Penikas (who created the breast disfigurement makeups); Mary Kay Witt also worked on the breast enhancement and disfigurement makeups.