Nip/Tuck makeups: Willow Banks

Nip/Tuck: Willow Banks

In the episode ‘Willow Banks’ Christian tells Willow (Mini Anden) – a model who no longer wants to be beautiful because people keep staring at her – that no doctor would perform the surgery she requests.

Faced with his refusal she takes matters into her own hands and shaves her head – yeah that will really attract less attention.

Dissatified with the result she deliberately crashes her car while Christian is a passenger.

Returning to McNamara/Troy, she compares her fascination with ugliness to ‘slumming’ and wants to return to being beautiful. Christian replies that no doctor would touch her.

The makeup

Thomas R Burman & Bari Dreiband-Burman (the Burman Studio) were the special makeup effects artists; Stephanie A Fowler was the key makeup artist.