character: various nose jobs

Various nose jobs

Featuring actresses playing characters who have ‘nose jobs’.

More extreme and exotic non-realistic noses are in a seperate section.

The nose jobs

Sauveur Giordano (2005): in the episode ‘L’envers du décor’ Anne Nancel and daughter, Audrey (Lizzie Brocheré), attend the Centre de beauté Fougerolle for cosmetic surgery. Anne is a regular but Audrey is undergoing cosmetic surgery for the first time – her mother can not bear to see her former husband’s nose on her daughter’s face. But in the night Anne is murdered and Audrey is found next to her, holding a scapel. Pierre Olivier Persin (popsfx) was the makeup effects supervisor; he created and applied the gelatine prosthetic for her ‘before’ appearance. I’m grateful to Pierre Olivier for the use of these images.