character: Castle ‘A Death in the Family’

Castle ‘A Death in the Family’

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a missing cosmetic surgeon who is found dead in the front seat of his car when it was being towed away for a parking offence. As they delve into the twisted world of surgery-obsessed patients and secret operations, they discover that one of his patients, Jacey Goldberg (DeLane Matthews), has been threatening to ruin the surgeon’s life.

Running a background check they discover that her husband had her committed the previous month for psychiatric treatment for her plastic-surgery obsession, and that the cosmetic surgeon had testified in support of her commitment. She was released only three days before the doctor went missing.

Looking at her picture they can imagine why she might be unhappy with her surgeon. But when they question her they realise that she’s happy with the surgeon’s work but angry that he wouldn’t undertake any further procedures. She’s shocked at the allegation that she murdered the surgeon. She threatened to ruin him, not to kill him. Plus, she has a solid alibi – on the day of the murder she was in hospital getting more cosmetic surgery from another surgeon.

The makeup

Debbie Zoller was the department head makeup artist.

Joel Harlow was responsible for this makeup.