character: Weeds


Town rumour-monger and cancer survivor Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins) is calculating and manipulative – even her daughter called Child Protective Services on her to get away from her. She is diagnosed with cancer and the subsequent storyline runs over the first three seasons of the show as she undergoes chemotherapy and a mastectomy and eventually reconstructive breast surgery.

In the episode ‘The Two Mrs. Scottsons’ she is seen studying the results of her post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery in the mirror before revealing her breasts to her lover; in earlier episodes she was seen bald during her chemotherapy.

This is the second time Elizabeth Perkins has played a cancer-sufferer – in The Doctor she played the inspirational but terminally ill June Ellis

The makeup

Jill Cady was makeup department head; Judy Yonemoto was key makeup artist; Andrea Whitten was makeup artist.