cosmetic surgery makeups: trout pouts

cosmetic surgery: trout pouts

In many movies the portrayal of the effect of cosmetic surgery plays a small part – maybe just a single sight gag.

Featuring characters who have gone a little over the top with their collagen lip implants. The funny thing is that some of the ‘trout pouts’ achieved with prosthetic makeup are no worse than those which some actresses have apparently intentionally inflicted upon themselves – Saffron Burrows probably took the prize in 2008.

The movies

Two and a Half Men (2006): In the episode ‘The Sea Is a Harsh Mistress’ Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor) gets lip implants which leave her looking as if ‘her butt is in her lips’. Ed French was responsible for her new look.

A Cinderella Story (2004): Fiona (Jennifer Coolidge), the wicked step-mother, undergoes a physical transformation as the story progresses: she uses her late husband’s money on a complete physical overhaul. Jennifer Coolidge described the difficulties of wearing prosthetics: ‘you can’t eat a sandwich in the middle of the day when you have the fake lips on and you can’t stand out in the sun because your nose melts off’. Lydia Milars was makeup department head; Ned Neidhardt was key makeup artist; Jennifer Aspinall was makeup artist to Jennifer Coolidge. Jennifer Cooliidge also had an encounter with cosmetic surgey in Nip/Tuck (images coming soon).

The First Wives Club (1996): Publicists have always claimed that doctors created Goldie Hawn’s trout pout by injecting her lips with a harmless saline solution; Goldie later remarked in interviews that the experience was quite painful and that it had discouraged her from ever getting collagen lips for real. Maybe or maybe not – I’m inclined to the opinion that film publicists are the only profession that, on the whole, are even less truthful than politicians. Whatever I’ll be including those lips here. In the meantime if anyone can confirm how they were achieved, please email themakeupgallery. Coming soon …