a role: 90210 ‘Blue Naomi’

90210 ‘Blue Naomi’

Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) is a privileged and popular teenager who develops to become the central character in 90210.

In the third season Naomi takes up meditation to help her recover from being raped by a teacher. In true soap opera style her guru cons her out of a large sum of money but she succeeds in getting it back with the help of her science partner, Max.

Naomi is shocked to find herself beginning to like the geeky Max and in the episode ‘Blue Naomi' she attempts to impress him by attending a convention in avatar costume. Unfortunately she had not realised that he and his friends had been joking about attending the convention in costume. But, of course, Max is impressed that the beautiful Naomi would do this for him.

She is soon wearing a ‘Geology Rocks’ T-shirt arm-in-arm with Max. By the end of the third season she tells Max that she is pregnant.

The makeup

Robert Rapport was the makeup department head; Cyndilee Rice was the makeup artist.