a role: Cybill ‘Mother's Day’

Cybill ‘Mother’s Day’

Cybill Sheridan (Cybill Shepherd) is a struggling, middle-aged actress attempting to maintain a career in Hollywood with the help of her hard-drinking best friend, Maryann, while surrounded by her two ex-husbands and her two daughters.

In the episode ‘Mother's Day’ Cybill is playing an older woman in a TV show. When Maryann visits the set she tells Cybill that she had never noticed how much Cybill was like her mother. Cybill is horrified and unfortunately Cybill’s mother, who is also visiting the set, hears her reply.

In the previous episode, ‘There Was an Old Woman’, Cybill had disguised herself as an older woman while trying to persuade a director she was right for a role, and in a later episode, ‘The Golden Years’, several decades in the future the older Cybill and Maryann reflect on the past.

The makeup

Don Smith was the makeup artist.