a role: Doll & Em

Doll & Em

A sitcom in which English actress Em (Emily Mortimer) heads to Hollywood to work on a movie, taking her best friend & fellow actress Doll as her assistant – both find that being best friends is easy until it becomes work.

For the final scenes of her movie Em  has to undergo a three-hour prosthetic makeup to make her look older, adding to her insecurities. Once in makeup she finds other members of the production don’t recognise her and that eating lunch when in prosthetics is not easy.

Meanwhile Doll announces that she’s leaving for London to do a screen test – for a role that Em failed to land. The revelation drives a stake between the two friends, who part ways after an emotional confrontation.

The makeup

Fionagh Cush was the makeup department head; Greg Funk was the key makeup artist.

In the scene where Em is having her makeup applied Greg Funk is the prosthetic makeup artist.