a role: Hoot


Carl Hiaasen is wonderful.

If Roy had not met Beatrice Leep, he would not have heard about the new restaurant planned for Coconut Cove – Mother Paula’s All-American Pancake House, one of the country’s most popular chains; had he not known about the new eatery about to break ground under the watchful eye of the company’s overambitious PR executive, he would not have unearthed a disturbing threat to a local population of endangered owls, whose burrows happen to be right on the construction site where the Company is racing against the clock to erect its new fast-eatery franchise.

The matronly Mother Paula is in a fact a vivacious but vacuous actress called Kimberly (Jessica Cauffiel), who dons a gray wig and old-age makeup for promotional appearances and TV adverts.

The makeup

Diane Maurno was makeup department head; Randa Squillacote was hair department head.

Jessica Cauffiel explained the makeup design:

They wanted to put prosthetics on me because we really wanted to make Mother Paula look old. But Wil [Shriner, the director] said this is Kimberly, an actress, who puts this makeup on herself. She’s not getting paid any money. There’s no professional makeup artist. She’s got her little theater makeup kit, and she’s doing her version of an old woman. And I loved every minute of it.