a role: various movie-in-a-movie makeups

Various movie-in-a-movie makeups

When movie makers turn to making movies about movie-making the results are fascinating. Illusion is revealed to go all the way down as you realise that the process of the actress-character transforming her appearance with makeup for a movie-within-a-movie role is itself all artifice.

The movies

Black Swan (2010): Nina (Portman), a ballerina in a New York City ballet company, has a life completely consumed with dance.When she wins the lead in Swan Lake she slowly loses her mind. Judy Chin was the makeup designer; Marjorie Durand was the makeup department head; Todd Kleitsch wasd the key makeup artist; Michael Marino was the prosthetic makeup designer.

The Shadow Of The Vampire (2000): This movie portrays the filming of the classic vampire movie Nosferatu whose star seems to be taking his role far more seriously than expected. Greta Schroeder (Catherine McCormack) is the actress who plays the character of Ellen Hutter wearing a deliberately bad wig for her movie-within-a-movie scenes. Ann Buchanan was the hair and makeup designer; Katja Reinert was the makeup artist; and Leendert Van Nimwegen was the hair stylist and makeup artist.

Bowfinger (1999): Hollywood’s least successful director sets out to get Hollywood’s biggest star, Kit Ramsey, for his next movie (without his knowing). His cast, including Carol (Christine Baranski), are also unaware that Kit is an unwitting participant in their movie. Steve Artmont was the key makeup artist with Rick Sharp as the makeup artist; Gloria Ponce was the key hair stylist.

Interrupted Melody (1955): The movie tells the story of tells the story of Australian opera singer Marjorie Lawrence (Eleanor Parker), covering her long, hard road to the top of her profession and her subsequent struggle with polio. William Tuttle was the makeup creator.

Between Us Girls (1942): Carrie (Diana Barrymore) is an ambitious young actress who is seen playing both Joan of Arc and an aged Queen Victoria. She is also seen pretending to be a twelve-year-old, covering for her mother who has lied about her age to a new boyfriend. Jack Pierce was the makeup artist; Bud Westmore was credited for the special makeup; Charles Gemora was uncredited – as usual.