updated: 05/02/2005

disfiguring makeups: The Dangerous Lives …

The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys is a coming-of-age movie set in a strict 1970s catholic school which one review commented identifies a ‘savvy connection between fanaticism and immaturity’. The ultra-strict one-legged Sister Assumpta (Jodie Foster) serves up the fanaticism and it is her reaction to their comic-book artwork (featuring the evil Nunzilla) that sets the boys off on an obsessed trail of revenge that ultimately changes their lives.

Jodie Foster was asked whether it was hard to work with a prosthetic leg:

No, it was OK, and I think that it really added to the character. You see that she has really been through something that in some ways has deepened her spiritual connection to her commitment. She is a woman who really doesn’t know how to talk to them, yet she has feelings for them as if they were her own children. But she really can’t understand what that relationship is.

Lynn Barber was key makeup artist; Lucienne Zammit was responsible for Jodie Foster’s makeup.