updated: 07/06/2004

disfiguring makeups: El Espinazo del diablo

In 1939 with the bloody civil war in Spain nearing its end a young orphan arrives at an orhanage run by the kindly one-legged Carmen (Marisa Paredes). All is not well, Carmen supports the doomed republicans, there’s a ghost in the cellar and a unexploded fascist bomb ticking in the courtyard.

Jorge Hernández was the makeup artist; David Marti of DDT Efectos Especiales was responsible for the makeup effects and I am grateful to him for the two onset images above. DDT Efectos Especiales do not have their own website but there is an excellent gallery of their work (including recent work from Hable Con Ella aka Talk To Her, La Mala Educación aka Bad Education and Hellboy) at MaquiArte.com (a wonderful Spanish makeup website).

David commented on the makeup:

We did a lot of work on the movie that you will never see.

For Carmen’s character we did a stump and a orthopaedic leg. The stump appliance was made of gelatine with a foam core and a piece of epoxy that move under the skin to look like a muscle. Guillermo [del Toro] shot it but the production said that was very strong image to put on a movie that was enough gore with childs.