Disfigured: 70 Binladens

70 Binladens

Two bankrobbers, Jonan and Lola (Nathalie Poza) get trapped in a bank with hostages by the Ertzaina (Basque police). Jonan is a drug addict who becomes increasingly unbalanced and ends up dead.

One of the bank customers, Raquel, who is desperate for money, offers to help Lola escape for 70 ‘binladens’ (70 €500 notes). They exchange clothesa, Lola cuts her hair, and gets Raquel to badly injury her face so that she will be unrecognisable and be taken away in an ambulance.

The makeup

Ainhoa Eskisabel was the hair and makeup designer

Gorka Aguirre was responsible for the special effects makeup, and applied Nathalie Poza’s scars and injuries together with Agar Martinez.