disfigured: Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy ‘Shiny Happy People’

Amber Courier (Austin Highsmith) has suffered burns to her face while trapped under a car and is awaiting reconstructive surgery to repair her hairline. Trish (Emily Bergl), who has also suffered burns, is her counsellor.

Amber’s hair and tissue replacement procedure seems straightforward until the doctors notice that her hands have become infected and they have to tell her that they will have to amputate three of her fingers.

This storyline got lost between the other two cases of the week.

The makeup

The Burman Studio was responsible for the makeup effects. I understand that the makweup was designed by Vincent Van Dyke and applied by Thom Floutz. Kelly O’Neill was responsible for the hairwork.

Vincent Van Dyke has some images of the before ands after surgery makeups and the sculpt on the VVDFX website.