burn scars: The Jackal

The Jackal: Major Valentina Koslova

A joint mission of the American FBI and the Russian MVD leads to the death of the younger brother of an Azerbaijani mobster. In retaliation, the mobster hires an enigmatic assassin known only by the pseudonym ‘The Jackal’ to kill an unknown target.

FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston and the tough scarred Russian Police Major Valentina Koslova (Diane Venora) are tasked with preventing the assasination and capturing the Jackal. They quickly discover than there is only man who could positively identify the Jackal – unfortunately he is an imprisoned IRA sniper.

Diane Venora reportedly wore the scar in public for a week before filming ‘to learn about the character’.

The makeup

Peter Robb-King was key makeup supervisor; IMDb lists Tony Gardner as special makeup effects artist (uncredited).