disfigured faces: various disfigured characters

Various disfigured characters

The disfigurements depicted include: the effects of illnesses such as leprosy; facial birthmarks; and other facial deformaties or disfigurements.

These roles have a lot of cinematic history behind them are: the disfigured victim; the scarred and vengeful villainess; and the heroine who is almost miraculously transformed into a beauty (often with disturbing side-effects).

And, of course, the more beautiful the actress behind the makeup the more shocking the transformation.

The makeup

My Name Is Earl (2006): In ‘The Professor’, Earl sets out to return a laptop computer he stole from Professor Alex Myers, who turns out to be a beautiful woman – at least until she gets stung a swarm of bees: Karma’s a bitch. Peggy Teague was head makeup artist; Michael Mosher, Clinton Wayne (Wayne Studios) and Robert Maverick have all worked on special makeup effects for various episodes but I have no idea who did this makeup other than that Michael Mosher told me that it wasn’t him. If anyone can confirm the credits for this makeup, please email themakeupgallery.

Celebrities Disfigured (2004): Channel 4 challenged two celebrities (Craig Charles & Caprice Bourret) to be made up with striking facial disfigurements to investigate attitudes to disfigurement. The makeup was by Mike Stringer of Hybrid Enterprises F/X (visit their site to see some stunning stuff) who contributed these images: more images are on the Celebrities Disfigured page.