updated: 12/06/2007

disfigured faces: Quitline adverts

These makeups were created for anti-smoking Quitline adverts in Australia and Singapore. The Australian advert was made for Quit Victoria and ran in 2006. The Singaporean advert was created for the Singapore Health Promotion Board and was first aired in March 29007.

Paul Fishlock, whose agency, The Campaign Palace, made the mouth cancer advert, said it was designed to show smokers the real effects their habit can have:

We want to highlight the fact that they are not just horrible medical photos [on the back of cigarette packs]. There are real smokers behind these; real lives being ruined. I have no doubt that these are effective because they are true and a massive amount of effort goes into making sure they are true.

The makeups for both adverts were created by Adam Johansen and Damian Martin of Odd Studio, and I’m grateful to Adam Johansen for the use of these images.