scarred faces: Kika


James Berardinelli called Kika ‘a black farce on sex, violence, and the attraction of both for the general public.’ Pedro Almodóvar’s take on trashy TV voyeurism is as only he could have done it – funny even at its most outrageous momements.

Kika, a young beautician, visits the home of an American writer to makeup the corpse of his stepson, Ramon. But Ramon isn’t dead and is revived by Kika’s attentions. She then moves in with him and they might have lived happily ever except for: Kika’s affair with Ramon’s stepfather; the suspicious death of Ramon’s mother; and the intervention of TV star Andrea Caracortada (Scarface), who is both Ramon’s former psychologist and his stepfather’s ex-lover.

Andrea produces and hosts a show called Today’s Worst,wearing aremarkable outfit. To get her material she scours the city with a videocamera mounted on her head and floodlights on her breasts to capture the latest crime and the reactions of the criminals and their victims up close and personal – whatever it takes to boost the ratings of a TV show that makes The Jerry Springer Show seem like Parkinson.

The makeup

Gregorio Ros was the makeup artist.