disfigured: facial scars in older movies

Various facial scars in older movies

The characters depicted here have each suffered a violent and traumatic facial injury: gunshot; knife slash; car accident; or animal attack. Burn scars, including the results of acid attacks, are treated separately.

These roles have a lot of cinematic history behind them are: the disfigured victim; the scarred and vengeful villainess; and the heroine who is almost miraculously transformed into a beauty (often with disturbing side-effects).

The movies & TV shows

Red Sonja (1985); While Red Sonja sets out with her magic sword to overthrow the evil Queen Gedren (Sandahl Bergman), Gedren herself is seeking revenge on Sonja for the scar that Sonja left on her face. Rino Carboni was responsible for creative makeup.

Rio Lobo (1970): Before she became a studio executive (and the first woman to head a major studio), Sherry Lansing appeared in a couple of movies, including Rio Lobo where she had a minor role as Amelita. Monty Westmore was the makeup artist on the movie.

Lady Scarface (1941): Lieutenant Bill Mason pursues a Chicago gang to New York unaware that its scar-cheeked leader Slade (Judith Anderson) is a woman. I have no makeup credits for this movie.