scarred faces: The Twilight saga – Emily

The Twilight saga – Emily

Emily Young (Tinsel Korey) is a young woman from the Makah tribe who is Sam Uley’s fiancée. She is kind and gentle and a mother figure to the pack of shapeshifters who hang out at her home in New Moon.

After Sam imprinted on Emily, he lost control of his temper and phased while he was standing close to her; this resulted in her getting three deep scars that run along the right side of her face and distort her features, pulling down the corner of her eye and her mouth.

As the shapeshifters’ existence is meant to be a secret, the cover story for Emily’s receiving the scars is that she was attacked by a bear up north during salmon spawning season.

The makeup

For New Moon Norma Hill-Patton was the makeup designer; Todd Masters’ MastersFX was responsible for the special makeup effects. For Eclipse Charles Porlier was the makeup department head; Bill Terezakis’s WCT Productions provided the prosthetics. For Breaking Dawn Jean Ann Black will be the makeup designer.

Tinsel Korey spoke about the makeup process on the two films released so far:

After the makeup process, I was like: ‘I never want to do a Sci-Fi movie where I’m in makeup for seven months.’ It’s interesting. It was my first time ever getting prosthetics… The first makeup crew had three test runs, so by the time we were shooting, they got it down to three hours. They switched makeup crews for Eclipse and they never had any test runs, and they had to figure out what the other team had done, so the first day, I was in the chair for eight hours. But, they adjusted the scar from New Moon to Eclipse. The first time, there was more pullage on my face, so I had a hard time eating. It didn’t hurt, but it was uncomfortable. . . It’s weird. It’s other people’s reactions that made me feel uncomfortable. People would be like: ‘Woah, that’s crazy!’, or they’d look at me really funny, but it also helped because that’s how people look at Emily. I was like: ‘Come on, be sensitive! I have a scar on my face. It’s not nice to just stare at somebody.’ That was really interesting.