updated: 25/06/2009

disfiguring makeups: big ears

Featuring various actresses portraying characters with differently sized or shaped ears.

Employee of the Month (2006): In some a Costco-style superstore the ultimate slacker falls for the new cashier. But Amy (Jessica Simpson) has a reputation of only dating men who have won Employee of the Month. From this unpromising premise the movie drifts slowly downhill. One reviewer refered to a ‘fleeting moment of comic relief’ when Amy exposes her huge ears, chuckling as she promises that they are ‘not bionic’ – I thought he was being overly generous though I have no complaints about the briefly-seen ears. Tarra D Day was the makeup department head; Mary Phillips was Jessica Simpson’s makeup artist; I’m not sure who was responsible for the ears.

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005): Dan Ebert described this movie as ‘aggressively bad’ – I’m not about to argue. Surprisingly it lost out on the Razzie for Worst Picture – it was a tough competition that year – but Rob Schneider did get the Razzie for Worst Actor. Anyway while he was ‘man-whoring’ about one of his clients was the Big-Eared Girl (Julia Lea Wolov). Winnie Gallis was the makeup department head; Robert Hall (Almost Human) created the prosthetic makeup effects.