disfigured: cosmetic surgery mishaps

The Genius of Beauty
Helter Skelter
Just Go with It
CSI: Miami ‘Chip/Tuck’
Nip/Tuck ‘Lulu Grandiron’
Nip/Tuck ‘Antonia Ramos’
Les bronzés 3: amis pour la vie
‘Grand Murder…’
La mujer más fea del mundo

Disfiguring makeups: cosmetic surgery mishaps

This section features makeups portraying the disfiguring effects on characters of cosmetic surgery which has gone wrong: disfigured breasts; wound infections; cartoon character faces; and exploding trout pouts.

Sometimes, however, it is the side-effects of apparently-successful experimental plastic surgery (eg La mujer más fea del mundo) that are the problem.