disfigured: Tittybangbang

Tittybangbang: Maxine Bendix

Maxine Bendix (Lucy Montgomery) is an Eastern-European topless model, and later pop star, who has had a grotesque amount of cheap plastic surgery: so much that everything leaks, weeps or seeps ( ‘just a little bit of seepage’), especially her breasts.

Maxine chased her dreams of love and celebrity through the three seasons of Tittybangbang, encountering much abuse and rudeness along the way.

Lucy probably felt much the same about this makeup process as she did about the less onerous one needed to play Don Peacock: ‘The first few times, the prosthetics were fascinating but after a while you just think: “Oh no, here we go again”.’

The makeup

Vanessa White, Diane Chenery-Wickens & Siobhan Harper Ryan were makeup designers on various episodes; Neill Gorton’s MillenniumFX were responsible for the prosthetics.