disfigured: Tittybangbang

Tittybangbang: Maxine Bendix makeup

Maxine Bendix (Lucy Montgomery) is an Eastern-European topless model, and later pop star, who has had a grotesque amount of cheap plastic surgery: so much that everything leaks, weeps or seeps ( ‘just a little bit of seepage’), especially her breasts.

Lucy probably felt much the same about this makeup process as she did about the less onerous one needed to play Don Peacock: ‘The first few times, the prosthetics were fascinating but after a while you just think: “Oh no, here we go again”.’

The makeup

Vanessa White, Diane Chenery-Wickens & Siobhan Harper Ryan were makeup designers on various episodes; Neill Gorton’s MillenniumFX were responsible for the prosthetics.